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Our Expertise

No pain lasts forever when Touch of Joy is with you.  We know women go through several changes in their bodies at different stages of their life. So for the overall well-being of women, we have our expert, Dr. Vidya Bandukwala to give quick and lasting relief. Get in touch with our expert whose presence itself is sufficient to bring about improvements in your health.

Services Offered

When you are determined towards making healthy choices, start with the services of Touch of Joy. We are on a mission to bring about a lasting impact on women’s health with fact-based treatments. For the same, we have a trusted Gynecologist on board to take you through the path of a healthy lifestyle. The services we offer include infertility, pelvic health, holistic approach, gynaecological & obstetrical services along with High Risk Pregnancy , awareness programs & so on.

Gynaecology & Obstetrics

For us, gynecology and obstetrics are not just about surgeries but instead trying to improve the reproductive system. So our services are beneficial even for those not experiencing any reproductive health issues. Get an appointment with us and, you will get access to a myriad of services such as fertility-related issues, menopause, adolescence issues, smooth pregnancy, endometriosis, health checkups, etc.

Fertility Related & Gynaecological Surgeries
Adolescence to Post Menopausal Care
High Risk Pregnancy
Quality of Health Issues like- PCOS/PCOD
Pelvic Pain
Sexual Dysfunction
Bladder Issues

Pelvic Health

Enhancing pelvic health couldn’t get easier under the guidance of our experts. Instead of accepting your condition as the normal process of aging, come to us. We will help you improve your overall pelvic health with the help of our trusted and experienced gynecologist.

Fertility Related services

We are the leading center for excellent fertility-related treatments. You are no longer going to struggle to witness parenthood because now Touch of Joy is with you. Our range of fertility treatments includes infertility basic work, IUI, IVF, male fertility, and couple counseling.

Fertiity Basic Work up
Intra uterine insemination (IUI)
Male Inertility
Family Counselling
Dealing with Pregnancy related stress
Couple Counselling
Healthy Lifestyle Guidance

Holistic Approach

With our Holistic Approach, we aim to give complete solutions for healthy lifestyle & counselling to couple & family for a better future together.

Awareness Program

Bad mental health becomes the root cause of all health issues. With our cancer awareness programs & various counselling programs, we at Touch of Joy ensure healthy living for you & your family. At the end of the day, we assure you our services will make you both physically and mentally fit. 

Couple & family Councelling
Quality of Life Issues
Cervical Cancer Screening
Breast Cancer
Dealing with Pregnancy related Stress



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