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Touch of Joy, under the guiding light of Dr. Vidya Bandukwalla, provides a compressive range of gynecological & obstetrical treatments for women of all ages. Bringing a child into this world is the happiest emotion that one can feel and we wish to be a part of that emotion. Our world-class medical facilities with dedicated staff will nurture you and your child’s well-being. We believe in a holistic approach which means bringing positive changes both physically and mentally. To assure the same, we offer several services which include infertility, pelvic health, gynecology, obstetrics, adolescence care, cancer awareness program, etc

Meet the Expert

Dr.Vidya Bandukwalla

Dr. Vidya Bandukwalla is a well-known Gynaecologist, Obstetrician, and Infertility Specialist with more than 21 years of experience. She is experienced and well-known for Infertility workup, managing high-risk obstetrics, and ultrasonography.From the beginning of her journey, she has been associated with several leading medical facilities and is the founder of Touch of Joy Women’s clinic and Fertility center. She achieved this excellence due to her sheer determination in her profession. 

A glimpse of the Educational Road Map

The journey started in the year 1990 when she enrolled herself in Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad.

 During her graduation, she decided to follow her calling and pursued Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology(DGO) from the College of Physicians and Surgery, Mumbai in 1997.

To enhance and polish her knowledge further she continued her education along with practice and pursued Masters’s in Obstetrics & Gynaecology (MD) in January 2004.

 Further, she completed her Diplomat National Board Examination (DNB) in June 2005

fellowship from the Indian College of Obstetrics & Gynaecology in 2017.

 She has completed her master from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG), UK in 2018 

A glimpse of her journey shows that she has strived hard to build her career around this subject to become a part of every women’s joy.  currently She has been practising as Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist in leading medical facilities like – Saket Maternity & Nursing Home, Purandare Hospital, Nanavati Hospital, Surya Hospital, Super Max Hospital, Cloud Nine Hospital & so on.

To be in touch of current acedmic advances, she is part of the managing comittee of the prestigious society of Associated Fellow Gynaecologist (AFG), Mumbai.She is the core member of Global Interstitial Cystitis, Bladder pain Society (GIBS) & founder member of Female Pelvic pain association(FEPPA)

All these years she has tried to contribute in some form or the other to the profession and the subject. It is her passion and she is willing to go to any extent to give a touch of joy to women. She wants to change the lives of every woman for the better with her expertise and knowledge.

When she is not being a gynaecologist, she enjoys dancing, music and travelling. She is also a connoisseur of good sea food and loves running marathons. 

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When should I see a gynaec for the first time?

Most people have a misconception about seeing gynaecologists. They believe it is only necessary to pay a visit to one when there is a serious or concerning issue. What women don’t realize is, often there are latent or dormant health issues that can only get identified by consulting a gynaec or undergoing a screening health check-up. It is advisable for girls to see a gynaec for the first as soon as they reach the age of 13-15(Vaccination). They may not necessarily have any health problems and it can be an awareness counselling consultation, but it can help eliminate a lot of doubts and answer many queries that these young girls may have regarding their developing bodies. It can also greatly help keep their future health in check.

What does a holistic approach mean?

A holistic approach focuses on the individual and their problems as a whole. Instead of treating just the physical problems, an attempt is made to even solve the emotional issues & the environment that affects her. It is done based on the personal history of an individual in which our experts chalk out a comprehensive plan. We believe in prevention along with cure, hence our focus is also on awareness programs.

How long is the treatment program?

After a thorough consultation and evaluation, we will guide you through the process. As every individual’s medical history is different, each personalized approach has a different time frame.

What does Touch of Joy offer?

We offer a complete range of gynecological and obstetrician services catering to all age groups. We conduct annual physical and gynecological examinations for women both pre and post-menopausal. We also offer other services like – Counselling, dealing with pregnancy & its associated comorbid conditions. You can visit the Our Expertise page for further details.

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